Best Places For Your Favorite Pizza in Chiang Mai

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If you’re in Chiang Mai and looking for your favorite pizza, there are many places to choose from.

This booming city and tourist hot-spot is full of amazing sights, food and culture that will leave you with a lifetime experience. However, sometimes you just want something that reminds you of home, or perhaps a taste that you know you will love. Here are a few of the best places in town for your favorite pizza!
Italics at Akyra Manor

If you’re looking for a great Italian menu that focuses on local ingredients, Italics is the place to go. This family run restaurant serves up amazing dishes ranging from pasta to pizza, with great service and a lovely atmosphere.
Ristr8to – high-quality coffee at a reasonable price

If coffee is your thing, this cafe is the place to go. Founder Arnon Thitiprasert learned his trade in Melbourne and has brought the art back to Chiang Mai. This favorite pizza in Chiang Mai cafe is perfect for tourists and locals alike as it has a variety of blends to choose from, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable options.
Fruit Plus+ Cafe

This cafe is a favorite for the digital nomads that come to Chiang Mai and offers a range of delicious smoothies and avocado toasts, as well as an extensive selection of vegan options. They also offer a great range of snacks for those on the go.
SP Chicken

Located in the heart of downtown Chiang Mai, this restaurant is famous for their rotisserie chicken which was inspired by Pok Pok. The restaurant has a lovely outdoor dining area surrounded by plants and antiques.
Crazy Noodles

This restaurant is a popular choice for tourists and locals, offering a wide range of noodles as well as seafood and chicken dishes. The prices are excellent and the service is friendly.
Hear Tong – Thai food stall across the moat from Sompet Market

For those that like a bit of Northern Thai speciality khao soi, this is a great place to try. They have four different versions to choose from and they’re all tasty.

Hear Tong is also known for its fried rice and Pad Se Ew (pork noodle soup). You can get them at very reasonable prices and they are good for a quick lunch.
Kebab House – near Zoe’s in Old City

For great Indian food at an affordable price, head to this stall next door to the party hub at Zoe’s in Old City. It’s good for a quick meal with some beer or wine.
J&L Restaurant – next to Ab Petite Café

A great place for cheap beer and a tasty meal, this restaurant is popular amongst tourists. The Pad Thai is delicious and the samosas are a great value.

Funky Monkey – in the southeast corner of the Old City has a stand that sells hummus and falafel for only 40baht ($1.30). It’s not as cheap as it sounds but it is so tasty!

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